Bachelor Degree

Academic program


The Bachelor's Degree of the School of Economics and Management is developed with better experience opportunities for learners, bringing knowledge from reality, and helping learners obtain the ability to develop both professionally and practically. In addition, to provide study opportunities to further learning (up to the master's and doctoral degrees) in a short time and to exchange and study overseas, SEM also offers honored programs. After finishing these programs, students are guaranteed the ability to develop academically in the future with opportunities to access advanced knowledge in the world.

Curriculum Structure:

Professional Components
Major Requirements
Mathematics and Science Foundation
Military Education/Physical Education
Complementary Electives

Include of 02 compulsory modules:

  • Social/Start-up/Other skills (6 credits).
  • Academic Writing and Presentation (3 credits).

Academics Roadmap

  • Training a highly qualified workforce with research capabilities and innovation in science and technology, in line with the goal of developing the University into a prestigious research university in the region and the world.

  • Complying with the current Higher Education Law regulations on training programs and graduation diplomas.

  • Ensuring practicality and modernity following international standards.

  • Ensuring the integration, consistency, and continuity of programs between bachelor’s and master’s degrees